Go RIM for State Government


The Government Online for Responsible Information Management (Go RIM) Web page provides a central location for information security standards, authority, guidance, forms, tools, and definitions related to California information security policy. These components augment the State Administrative Manual (SAM) security policies identified in SAM Section 5300 by providing state agencies with access to:

  • Baseline security standards that support these policies, as well as other standards when applicable to a specific policy area;
  • Laws, regulations, and other related federal and state policies that provide the authority for the State's policy requirements;
  • Guidance documents that provide directions, instructions, and best practices to aid in policy compliance
  • Standardized and required forms associated with meeting policy requirements;
  • Tools that include samples, templates, and other important resources to help a state agency implement a particular policy or standard
  • Definitions for clarification in the meaning of terms, words or phrases referred to in the policy or standards


Policy Section Description
5300 Introduction
5305.6 Risk management
5305.2 Policy, procedure and standards management
5305.5 Information security roles and responsibilities
5330.2 Compliance reporting
5305.5 Information asset management
5305.4 Personnel management
5365 Physical security
5315.3 Information asset documentation
5365.1 Access control for output devices
5315.2 System development lifecycle
5340 Information security incident management
5325.1 Technology recovery plan
5330 Information security compliance


Last Updated: Thursday, September 18, 2014